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MobileSheetsPro v1.7.6 and MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.5.3 Released
I just released another update for MobileSheetsPro with a couple of important changes. First, removable SD cards are now fully supported, meaning you can set whatever folder you want as the storage location, save backups on a removable SD card and export files to a removable SD card. As I suspected, the newer Storage Access Framework that Google added with Lollipop to allow developers to write to SD cards is much slower than normal direct file access. Due to this decrease in performance, I would strongly recommend users choose the directory that MobileSheetsPro picks when you tap the SD card. The second big change is that I'm now packaging the latest version of SQLite with MobileSheetsPro. This ensures compatibility with the version used by the companion app (which can help pevent problems), and it also increases performance by up to 40% on older devices.  The full list of changes can be seen below:

MobileSheetsPro v1.7.6
  • Added support for writing to any folders on removable SD cards on devices running Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Any removable SD card directory is now allowed as the storage location, but reading/writing is faster when using the preferred directories.
  • SQLite is now packaged with MobileSheetsPro. This means the latest version of SQL is accessible for all devices, which can result in 40% faster read speeds on older devices.
  • MobileSheetsPro and the companion app are now guaranteed to have identical versions of SQLite, reducing potential database problems.
  • Switched the audio player back to using the standard Google library to prevent reported playback issues

MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.5.3
  • Reduced the height of the batch import dialog and clamped it to the available screen space
  • Updated SQLite ot the latest version to ensure compatibility with Android database changes

Great update Mike. Thanks so much !

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