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Full Screen Mode and Shifting App to another Monitor
(03-25-2018, 11:52 AM)JBlyth Wrote: I have been looking for a way to easily move MobileSheets from one monitor to another, but still wanting to maintain the Full Screen Mode, which is so nice....

Quite by accident, I discovered that the Windows Key+Shift+Enter combination cycles between Full Screen mode and normal mode.

MobileSheets seems determined to always open on the laptop screen, but if I wish to move the app to another screen, I just press the key combination above, move to the screen of choice with drag and drop or Windows Key+Shift+Left/Right. Then Windows Key+Shift+Enter gets me back to full screen mode again.

Another way of exiting Full Screen mode is to hover over the top where the Title Bar would normally be, and then click the two opposing arrows. This will exit Full Screen mode, but I haven't found a way of get beck without using the Windows key combination mentioned.

John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia

Thank you very much!  I did not know that!
(10-17-2018, 06:27 AM)popoff Wrote: I'm trying mobilesheets on windows 10 now and fix the default monitor to start the app is a must for me. I have two monitors on my desktop and a third monitor in the front of my piano stage using an small wireless keyboard/pad to control. So, I need that MSP opens in the third monitor.

Every app in windows remember the last monitor where it was closed, but it seem that there is no way to do it with MSP.

I downloaded a microsoft store app (Gbwhatsapp desktop) and it works with the "remember last screen behaviour".

Juan Antonio.

Exactly the same thing I am trying to do it but I have not found anything yet which is helpful to do that. have you found anything which is helpful?

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