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A fair number of users are running MobileSheetsPro on Chromebooks now. I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus that I test with and I know other users have used other models with success. To my knowledge, there are a few things that don't work perfectly with Chromebooks:

1) SD card access doesn't work like Android tablets, so you can't use an SD card as the storage location for MobileSheetsPro. I may revisit this in the future but it's going to requires significant changes. I did make it possible to import off SD cards on Chromebook devices though.
2) You can't currently connect MobileSheetsPro to MIDI devices when using a Chromebook. I'm going to be adding support for Google's MIDI library on devices running Android 6.0 which will work with Chromebooks (although you have to explicitly pick the devices you want to connect to so it will require a different workflow), so this won't be an issue for too long.
3) The companion app can't automatically detect MobileSheetsPro in sync mode as I think the broadcast packets are being blocked by Chrome OS. This may be something advanced users could fix, but the workaround is to use the direct connect option to just connect to the IP address listed on the sync screen.

Other than those, I think MobileSheetsPro runs great on Chromebook devices.


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