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Multi-page parts
Hi Mike

Had a bit of time to play with the 'collection' feature today - and it's nothing like I had hoped it would be.

We have already discussed the fact that, I separate out certain parts by using the 'custom' field and the resetting of the search when returning from a chart viewed from the resultant list.

I find the 'collection' feature is no better (at least, not for me). I transferred a set of charts, previously identified by the 'other' field, into a collection. When I select 'collections', I see the charts concerned - all OK so far. However, to actually display a chart requires a touch and hold, followed by a menu for selection, deleting, etc.

In itself, that's bad enough - I would really like to go straight to the selected chart - but worse was to come. When I return from that chart, I'm not taken back to the collection, but to the complete list of parts I have (and that's a *lot*). This is, in effect, no different to the original problem (using the 'other' function to separate a particular set of charts). In fact, it's marginally worse, as it requires more tapping to display the chart from the collection menu.

I understand you're a busy man, but is there any chance that something can be done about this?

PS: Despite any niggles I might have, I'm still a huge fan of what you have achieved so far Big Grin .

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