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Restore Library on new Windows user

The main reason backing up just your library folder wasn't enough is that the database file can't be stored in the library folder in the Windows 10 version. The SQLite library I'm using won't allow that. So you also would have needed to back up the C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState folder. Without the database file from that directory (mobilesheets.db) there is no way to recover your library.

So let's try to figure out why your import is failing. First, what is your new username? Second, what types of files are you trying to import and what folder are you importing them from? Are you importing them into an empty library folder, or did you specify the same location as your library folder and you are batch importing the files from there?


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