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Questions about using new Sync feature
I've got two essentially identical tablets that I only use for Mobilesheets. One tablet is my main one, with the second as both a backup but also the tablet I'll leave at theatre gigs that run several weeks. I'm looking to keep their contents synced, but they're not always in the same room (or city), so I figured syncing to a cloud folder would be best. I have a Dropbox premium account, so storage space isn't an issue.

So far I haven't had any success in getting it to work. First I tried creating a new sync folder on Dropbox via the Mobilesheets app on the tablet. It began updating things but it was SLOW... like 24 hours later it had only finished about 2/3rds of my (admittedly large) library and stalled out.

Second attempt I copied all of the files from the tablet's storage location onto an SD card and then copied that directly onto my computer. When I went to sync in the app, it said that a database wasn't present, and asked if I wanted to upload one. I said yes, and it just started uploading the same exact files and directories I had just copied over. I cancelled this because it would've taken another day or two to finish.

Third attempt I used the desktop companion app to create a backup file in the Dropbox folder. It went much faster this time (only about an hour, which is about the same time a backup on my tablet in-app takes). I attempted to sync again in the app to the could folder and it again said there was no database file present.

Obviously, I'm missing something to get things working. Thoughts?

If you can't use the option to synchronize the devices to each other over WiFi, then you have two options:

1) Upload your entire library to Dropbox using the sync to folder option, and then any subsequent synchronizations should be very fast. If the initial upload fails though, there is no way to recover after that, so if your library is truly that large, this may not be a great option. 

2) Create a library backup on one device, then upload that to Dropbox. On the other device, download the backup file onto the device. You can then use the sync to backup file option to update the device, or if you don't care about replacing the entire library, you could also use the restore library from backup feature. 

You cannot just place a backup file in the Dropbox folder and then sync to it. You also can't sync to the folder if the initial upload finished. So that's why it keeps asking you to upload your library when you try to sync to the folder. I'd suggest option #2 based upon the problems you've encountered so far.

Thanks. I've been using backup files (replacing the whole library) to keep them synced over the years (and manually exporting individual songs that I want to keep as is). So syncing to a backup will be similar to what I'm already doing, but faster and more convenient. Thanks!

My library currently has 6778 songs in it (a number of them complete theatre books and orchestral scores with large files), so it can be a bit unwieldy. That said, Mobilesheets runs it just fine in normal operation. Impressive, considering the tablet is still running Android 4.2.
I, too, use two tablets. But I always take both to every gig, along with two pedals, as I know computers can be unreliable. I don't use annotations or sync on MobileSheets, I just keep both tables configured identically, and download new songs to both via my home WiFi. I make annotations using Preview on my Mac, and re-download the song to both tablets (the MS Companion runs in a Windows 10 virtual machine).

The idea of sync-ing via Dropbox is interesting, and would save me some time and hassle. I have ~ 1,600 songs, and add new ones for each concert (I accompany a chorus and occasionally play keyboard with a symphony orchestra).

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