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Simple (I think) Link Point Question
(09-30-2018, 12:56 AM)el-Odysseas Wrote: Hallo Jeff,

When you programm the links, they also have a priority order:
The first link (blue) will be triggered also first.
The second link (red) will be triggered second.

So your first programmed link (blue) from page 8 to page 2, will be also the first to be activated.
The second link (red) from page 4 to page 8 will be only activated after the first link has already being triggered.

Your right pedal should be set to:
"Activate next link or go to next page"

I hope this helps,

Thank you.  So what if want the pedal to do a regular page turn the first time you hit a page with a link point, but you want it to trigger the link point the second time.

You set it it so the first link point links to the next page (like a regular page turn) and a second link point to the page link?

So, in this case, you would have two link points on page 4.  The first one would just go to the next page and the second one would go to page 8?

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