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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.3.9 Released
MobileSheets (Windows 10) and MobileSheetsPro (Android) v2.3.9 has been released. This update contains a significant number of new features and bug fixes. The following new features have been added:

1) OneDrive Support

OneDrive integration has been added, so it's now possible to import directly from OneDrive. You can also export files and use the library backup/restore features with OneDrive. In the file browser, the separate icons for Dropbox and Google Drive have been collapsed into a single new cloud icon.

2) New Audio Player Backend (change pitch/tempo/crossfading)

Thanks to the Superpowered Audio library, MobileSheets now has much more powerful audio backend. It is now possible to change the pitch and/or playback speed of a song. The audio playback should also be more reliable across all devices. The new audio library only works for the most commonly used audio file types though (i.e. mp3, m4a, wav, aac), so if a different kind of audio file is used such as a midi file, the old audio library will be used. 

As part of adding the new audio library, I also added support for crossfading between tracks with an adjustable crossfade duration.

3) Support  for AirTurn Direct Mode

For users with an AirTurn PED, PED Pro, or one of the new BT-200 pedals, you can now utilize AirTurn Direct Mode with MobileSheetsPro. This uses Bluetooth LE (which uses less power) and doesn't disable the virtual keyboard like pairing does. The AirTurn Direct Mode dialog can be accessed through the Touch & Pedal section of the Settings screen.

4) Added e-ink mode and stylus changes

For users with an Onyx Boox Max or other e-ink tablet, I've added a "E-Ink Mode" setting in the annotations editor (tap the circle at the top left to access this). This will slow the redraw rate while annotating which makes the e-ink device much more responsive. 

I've also added new logic to disable touch input while a smart stylus is hovering or down. This should make it much easier to annotate without accidental panning or zooming. A new setting is also available to completely disable touch input when stylus mode is enabled.

5) Added setting to force screen orientation

Some users have experienced issues with being able to control their device rotation, so a new setting has been added to force MobileSheets to a given rotation.

The full list of changes can be found below:

Changes made to both versions:
  • Added new audio player backend to support pitch and playback speed adjustments.
  • Added support for crossfading audio tracks with an adjustable crossfade duration.
  • Added support for switching between multiple libraries. The new feature can be found under Library Settings.
  • Added support for AirTurn Direct Mode under "Touch and Pedal Settings". This uses Bluetooth LE and keeps the virtual keyboard enabled.
  • Fixed issue with using the metronome speed for automatic scrolling that could cause the scroll speed to vary between pages.
  • Fixed issue when using the "Connect Devices" feature to turn pages in combination with repeat mode.
  • Fixed various bugs with synchronizing to a cloud folder
  • Fixed bug with incorrect margins being used for text files for all pages other than the first
  • Fixed bug with chords containing sus2 or sus4 not being correctly handled in text files
  • Decreased chord pro comment box size
  • The two page mode can now be selected in portrait orientation.
Changes made to MobileSheetsPro (Android)
  • Added support for OneDrive. Collapsed all cloud sources into one icon in file browser.
  • Touch input is now disabled if stylus mode is active and a stylus is hovering or down.
  • Added option to completely disable touch input while stylus mode is active.
  • Added new E-Ink setting to annotation editor to slow redraw rate. This significantly improves annotating on E-Ink devices such as the Onyx Max.
  • Fixed bug with using trailing spaces in a text annotation. The annotation width is now correctly calculated.
  • Fixed drawing issue that could occur on some devices with the bottom section of the song overlay.
  • Fixed potential error where invalid cropping coordinates could be used, causing a page not to render
  • Added setting to force tablet orientation. This applies to all screens.
  • The Generate Song List feature now provides a default filename when generating a text file.
  • Fixed issue with importing files into MobileSheetsPro from email clients.
Changes made to MobileSheets (Windows 10)
  • Fixed bug that could cause annotations to render incorrectly when using the two page display mode
  • Fixed bug when using link points with the half page turn mode in portrait orientation where link points were visible on the wrong pages.
  • Fixed bug with reordering files in the song editor that caused the file path to be displayed. A separate info icon is now available to show the path.
  • Updated Google Drive library to latest available version.
  • Fixed bug where "Sync to PC" and "Connect Devices" features wouldn't select an IPv4 network address
  • Updated PDF library used with "Quality" Render Preference
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.7.5
  • Updated database code to account for new audio file fields
  • Fixed bug with text file margins after the first page

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