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New tablet ideas
I'm conditionally happy with HP x2.   There hasn't been a problem, except the SD card cannot be accessed (by Android apps).    32 G actually seems like enough memory, only because my memory usage is dedicated to no other purpose than MSP. So I'm trying not to worry about it.

If you go with Chromebook, get more main memory.  

Until the web apps come online, I can't run Tabledit or Musescore on my Chromebook.  (Any help in running Linux apps is welcome). So, if you want to use those apps, get a Windows device to run MSP.  I have to go home to score a sheet, then upload it to the cloud before I can import to MSP.
The new Acer Spin 13  Chromebook looks promising. 
It's a 3:2 aspect ratio which is perfect for sheet music. You would need a 15 inch wide-screen or larger to get the same width in portrait. 
I have been using the samsung Chromebook 12 inch with 3:2 aspect ratio for a while, but would definitely get the Acer if I had to buy a new today.
From my (pureley subjective!) analysis of typical sheet music I do not understand the desire for 3:2 tablets: all printed scores I know in Germany have a completely different form factor. IMHO, if you mainly rely on scanned printed sheets and the like, the best choice for a vertically scrollable "single page" tablet would be something like a 15" 16:9 tablet, with the white borders of the sheets cut down.

if you want to display a two-pager horizontally you better take a very light 20" 16:9 or better 16:10 display, but probably best as 2nd display of a smaller computer with a pen enabled touch display for taking notes. There *are* light 20" displays, down to about 2,5 kg. But they still require a powerbank for energizing. Sleepy

The alternative "two page display" would be a composed display consisting of two "single page" 12" - 13" tablets (or paperwhite e-inks) that would need an appropriate control system for the doubled page turns, though.

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
If you use standard A4 paper, (which I assume most of Europe does), then 4:3 is the best fit as this is almost the same aspect ratio of the A paper sizes. Ideally it should be somewhere between 4:3 and 3:2, but I don't think the latter exists as a screen format.

If you use it in landscape mode, 4:3 is also still the best fit, as the aspect ratio of the A paper standard is the same regardless of paper size (i.e two A4 pages side by side has the same aspect ratio as a single A4 in landscape orientation). So a 4:3 screen in landscape would fit two A4's much closer than a 16:9. 
I don't think you can get a 4:3 screen much bigger than 14 inches (iPad aside), and using two page mode on a 14 inch screen is kind of to small, at least for my eyes

As an example I have a 12 inch 4:3 display and a 13.3 inch 16:9 display. In portrait mode/single page the width of the 4:3 display is about 1 cm wider than the 16:9 display, making the size of the sheet music bigger on the 12 inch than on the 13.3 inch. But the widescreen does show a little bit of the next page, so if that is what you want go with that.

Of course, if you use custom scans with custom aspect ratio all the above is invalid  Big Grin

as you stated it: Large 4:3 displays aren't on the market, therefore my next best fit for side-by-side 2 page displays: 16:10. But again, I couldn't find any light-weight ones with this form factor, so there is this silly 16:9 the only one left.

The smaller screens (up to some 15") are only sensible for single page vertical scrolling displays in portrait mode, IMHO. But then it is quite nice to have a vertically looong 16:9 display for just the reason you stated: to have more systems in view at any time, so less scrolling necessities.

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
Petra -> I might also have gone a bit technical Big Grin
In the end, what works for you is the best choice for you ;-). I was nearly trying to give my advice to people whom cant decide between 16:9 and 4:3.

 I actually bough a 13.3" 16:9 originally just for mobilesheets, and tried the single page+scroll mode, but found that my 12" 4:3 just gave me a wider screen and thereby bigger notes. It just worked better. 
For 2 page mode, I would need a very large screen to feel comfortable (21" for 4:3 or 24" for 16:9). No androids here. But I will look into the Acer

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