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A way to ignore letters after a certain character for Master/Slave
(12-25-2018, 04:23 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Well there are some things to consider about adding a filter setting like that. There would be the logic to figure out, such as - if the filter actually matches, at the start, then it's simple to just throw away the characters after that. If it matches in the middle, I'd assume you'd still want to allow the characters before it, but none of the characters after it. If it doesn't match at all, then the default title should be used. The other part (the more difficult part in my mind), is in determining how to offer a setting lke that in a way that makes sense to the majority of users. Just having a label like, "Title filter" isn't going to make much sense to people. It's another advanced feature that I only imagine a very small subset of users would take advantage of. It's also tedious to use as you would have to specify a new filter every time you imported a new file if you wanted the filter to actually work, which doesn't really save you much time over just specifying a title (hence my suggestion to just add an option to specify the exact title used for the song as mentioned in the last reply). It also only really makes sense when importing a single file unless you happened to be importing lots of files where only one part of the name is different between them (which is possible I suppose). So I think I'd like to hear why this type of setting would be more useful than just letting the user modify the title that MobileSheetsPro is going to use when importing a single file.


Mike, I'm just now getting back around to the swing of full-time gigs. I'm updating my tablets and have a day off to dig into this a little.

In your opinion, what would be the best way to be able to call up any song on the slaves from the master?  My tablets have the same songs on them but the name of the songs differ...i.e.
Stand By Me (D) - Chart - Concert
Stand By Me (D) - Chart - Drums
Stand By Me (D) - Chart - Tenor Sax
Stand By Me (D) - Chart - Bass
etc etc...

Should I go in and edit the formatted title of each song? Something like "Stand By Me (D)"?

I'd love to be able to control the slaves with my master if our singer calls an audible that's not in the setlist.

12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.

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