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A way to ignore letters after a certain character for Master/Slave
(01-18-2019, 05:49 AM)Zuberman Wrote: At the moment, no, I don't read any of the PDF metadata fields such as Title. Having said that, I absolutely plan to do that at some point so I can also support other fields. The only problem is that the option to populate the title from the PDF metadata would only apply when importing PDFs, so if you selected both a PDF and an image file, it might not be obvious what behavior would be selected. So I would have to think of a different way to let the user choose the behavior for PDFs versus the behavior for other file types. Like perhaps if there was an option for "Populate title from PDF metadata", a new option would show up below for the fallback behavior which would support the current options for other file types.


I often forget that people are importing files other than PDF. For myself, it's strictly PDF files.

I started to edit each song 1 by 1 with the companion app but quickly realized it would take me days of non-stop editing to do 700charts x's 9 tablets.

At any rate, I'll await some sort of MetaData importing functionality and thanks for helping me with this.
12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.

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