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Adding Bookmarks to SetList along with Song?
No, that is not currently possible. It would be a very odd user experience to load a setlist, turn through the pages, and occasionally it might jump many pages after a single page turn if you wanted to start a specific position in a song. The code for that would also be quite odd, as it would only be something that you would want to happen if you were turning forward from the beginning. If you decided to turn back a few pages from the page you wanted to start on, then turned forward, it shouldn't just skip to the starting page. So I'm not sure that is really the best approach for solving this problem. 

Some time this year, I'm going to roll out an update that adds song versioning. This will allow any song to have different versions where each version can have independent files, bookmarks, annotations, etc. So in your example, you could have four versions of the song each associated with a particular movement (and perhaps one version with all movements). When setting up the setlist, you will be able to pick which version of a song to use. So this would let you ignore everything but the one movement you want. Is that basically what you are trying to achieve?


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