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Selecting genres exclusively (only tunes to which ALL apply)
Hi, is there a way to do this (if not, it would be really useful!)

Say I want ONLY upbeat motown tunes, no other motown items. Say I have "Upbeat" and "Motown" as genres. Currently, I get everything with upbeat OR motown upon selecting those genres. Is there a way to get only items that are both Motown AND Upbeat? (excluding all other Upbeat and Motown items, because they most have both genres to appear in the list)

By the way, I've had time to get used to this program and it's really been bullet-proof (takes a licking and keeps on ticking), and so incredibly handy!
Currently I think the filter only does ORing of multiple genres. So you can't do what you want only using the filter (maybe something for a future enhancement to add ANDing).

What you can do if there are only two genres involved is switch to the Genre tab and select, say, "Upbeat". This will list all the songs in the Upbeat genre. Then add a genre filter for "Motown". Now you will get only the songs in the Upbeat genre that have the Motown genre too.


I believe there is a forum post about adding the ability to use more complex logical statements like "ANDing" things. I don't have all the answers yet for how I plan to add support for that in the future. It's definitely on my list of things to look into when time allows. Andy's workaround is a great suggestion.

Thanks Andy, thats great! For me, this is really useful, because I have genres that are actually qualities, in addition to real genres. Qualities like happy or acoustic (just a piano or a guitar). I just realized that you can pick several genres, and then get a subset of those in the genre tab (say, only acoustic tracks that are sambas or ballads). This makes life much easier!
Great, Zuberman! That will be handy. In the mean time, that genre tab trick from Andy will work out real nice.

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