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Multiple songs with the same name

I recently factory-reset my tablet and I took advantage of that to clean up my MSP database. Unfortunately, the new versions don't seem to support one of my must-have features: having multiple versions of the same song. I play two different instruments with several different groups and use MSP to store scanned copies of my physical music books (including several large fake books), so needless to say, I have numerous versions of a lot of songs, including guitar and ukulele versions, different keys, different arrangements, tab vs. lead sheet vs. score, etc.

This worked great before because I used the "assign a random number to the title on import" feature and then organized based on collections and custom fields. In the current version, though, I can't figure out a way to make this work without renaming my files to make them unique, which I don't want to do, both because of the sheer number of files (my old MSP installation had more than 3k songs in it) and because I want the song titles to be correct, not "Song Title 1234" or "Song Title - Guitar Tab - Book Foo".

Before I wipe out the partial database I have loaded, will this work if I disable MSP management of my files since they are already sorted in directories? Is there any other way to make this work? Will the upcoming "song versions" feature allow this use case? If so, do you have an estimate as to when it will be available?

Failing all of this, is it possible to revert MSP to a version that still supported the old system and block updates? I haven't seen any recent new features that I cared about, but this problem makes the program completely useless to me.

Edit: After some more playing with MSP (since I need to load a couple of books with duplicate songs for a gig tomorrow night), I see that if I select "Rename file" on the import collision window, it allows me to just hit "OK" and I get the correct title without manually renaming the file. I still like the old functionality better, but this is about as painless as one could request to replace it; the only improvement I could suggest is to automatically take the rename suggestion if the user checked the "do this every time" box. Thanks for making this possible, though it might be helpful to add a note to the manual to make the functionality clearer.
Hello Chuck,

If you manage your own files, then you won't get any file conflicts and you can use your library the way it is. If you already have your files sorted into directories, then it makes a lot of sense to do that. The upcoming song versioning feature will support your workflow as well, but that isn't slated to be implemented until either later this year or potentially next year after the iOS version is released. 


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