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Syncing with multiple songs with same name
I have a MSP on Windows 10 and one on an Android tablet. I do use the sync library via cloud (google drive). 

This seems to works in most cases when updating files (I do use "both directions" and confirm every change, sync meta data, annotation, groups, display settings). But I have no idea how to handle multiple songs with the same titile crrectly. When I add a new song on the Windows and sync to the cloud the chances are nearly 100 % that on the Android side there will be not a new song but it is messed up with some existing song with the same title.

E.g. I have three versions of the song "Summer wine" (different pdf files, different album). Now I add in Windows MSP a new version of the same title with a different pdf file and a different album (as it is formatted to landscape format). After syncing I have still only three versions of that song on the Android tablet, but one of them belongs to two albums. That changes songs still has only the old pdf file. The new pdf file is in the Google drive, but not transfered to the tablet.

I also tried giving the new song in the Windows version a Song-ID, but it didn't help. 

For what is the checkbox "check new files in cloud" (in my German version it is "neue Dateien in Cloud Verzeichnissen überprüfen")? I don't think that option helped (sorry, I did sync so often and it never got sorted that I hardly remember all different tries).

Which settings should I use for the sync?

Thanks for any hint or advice
In situations where you are going to have multiple songs with identical song titles and you did not use a library backup file to initially synchronize your Android and Windows 10 libraries, you will need to use the Song ID field for each song. You need to assign the same song ID field on both Android and Windows 10 for each song. Then upload that change on one of the devices (the one that won't have a conflict when you do this), and then when you sync to the folder with the other device, it should correctly detect which song to use.


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