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Controlling speed of page turn
I use vertical page positioning so I can read a little of the next page ahead. I recently got a pedal but the page turns are way too fast. Is there anyway to control the speed of the page turn? I tried various scrolling settings but all I want is to go to the next full page but slowly so I can still track the music as the page turns. I could do the automatic scrolling but I have to keep pressing the pedal over and over again to start and stop scrolling when all I want is a slow page turn. I tried the scroll to bottom of page but then it goes too far or too slow as each page music are different tempos. I’m currently using an amazon fire tablet.
Have you tried the "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom" pedal action along with changing the scroll speed to match your tastes? You can specify 100% as the scroll amount and switch "Screen" to "page" in the dropdown to the right of that. That will then scroll completely through every page at the scroll speed you specify.

I did the drill to bottoms and turn but can’t get the speed I want perfectly. I’ll see if I can change the setting to page if that makes a difference. I just want to turn to the top of the next page slowly.
May I bring up this old request? I'm sure it's on the Todo-List, but since it came up here:


Mike, I can't check right now if the pedal action and preferences you suggested do the job. But I'd also like the same control of the scrolling/turning speed if I use the touchscreen for the next page. And the touch areas for
page turning can't be configured with another action, right?
Correct - the pedal actions are really the only way to get configurable scrolling speeds (other than using automatic scrolling). That request is definitely on the list, sorry I haven't been able to get to it sooner. Things should start moving a lot faster next year when I'm finally going full time on MobileSheets.

I did change it to 100% from screen to page and kept it to “Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom” and that seems to work. I think when I played around with screen and page I only had it at 50%. But thank you! I’m still struggling to find the right speed so my eyes can track with the page turn. It’s either too fast or too slow but I think I can practice with it!

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