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Vertical Scrolling with short last page
Hi Mike

I have several pdfs that are about a page and a half long and I'm using automatic scrolling for these.

What I want to do is have my songs aligned at the top. When "Scrolling continuously to the end", I'd like the scrolling to stop when the bottom of the last (cropped) page is displayed i.e. the bottom of the preceding page would still be displayed.

This would make it easier to choose a suitable delay before scrolling starts and effectively would treat it as a roll of paper. It would also mean that the page hasn't scrolled too far if the leader has taken a long time to kick off the song.

There is a similar post on Vertical scrolling page alignment where it looks as though you have done something along these lines.

However, when I tried setting the alignment to the bottom (Display Settings), most of my PDFs have black space at the top (they tend to be single page).
The scrolling does stop as I wish (although when I first tried it, it scrolled through and showed the top of the next song in the setlist! And, before you ask, I hadn't performed a "Load All").

So is it possible to have the first page aligned to the top and still have the scrolling stopping as I would like?

Still on Android 2.8.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

Load your song, bring up the song overlay, load the display mode dialog, make sure the display mode is set to "Vertical Scrolling" and "Page Alignment" is set to "Bottom". You should see a checkbox at the very bottom to "Align first page to top". If you check that, you should get the behavior you are describing. Let me know if that is not the case.


Many thanks
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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