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Very slow bluetooth library file transfer (for synchronizing)?
Okay folks, this not a specific MSPro question, I admit, but I staggered over it when streamlining my master/slave tablet layout:

General point: I'd like to synchronize only between (Linux) PC and my MSPro master tablet sending first-time score sheets. After that (especially after annotating some songs that do not need to be returned to the PC) I'd like to transfer the MSPro library as a whole to the slave, to keep library versions near to identical on both devices. I don't want to do that via the PC, as that is not always available when I'd like to synchronize.

Observation: Doing so, my presently 85 MB large library took ages (somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes(!), not seconds) to transfer between master and slave. My expectation was something around one minute.

Is this normal, or is there a handbrake drawn to full stop somewhere in my system(s)? The tablets are generally side-by-side (see other thread on ideal tablets) and always BT-coupled by default.

Kind regards,
Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink

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Very slow bluetooth library file transfer (for synchronizing)? - by Petra-Kathi - 01-14-2020, 04:00 AM

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