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Possible to send Midi timecode to MainStage for tempo changes?
Just to share my little experience here.
I use MSP MIDI features to control a Line6 Helix multi-effects.
For each song, I have set a metronome value and programmed a MIDI tempo synchronization message (amongst other messages) when loaded.
By doing so, and as expected, when I switch song, tempo on Helix is changed and synchronized to the new value.
I have some issue though: at some point when going thru a set of songs, the MIDI link is lost and I have to disconnect the usb cable and reconnect to make it work again.
This happens quite randomly, but I suspect it may be caused by the clock message : if it’s continuous, it could “saturate” the line somehow?...
Could also be some hardware issue (tablet replaced, same thing. Maybe the USB cable or adapter?)
Or some Helix susceptibility (I already use some MIDI pause messages in-between MIDI messages to force a step-by-step acknowledgement)
I will investigate deeper, this random occurrence not helping…
Do you know any Android app to monitor in/out MIDI messages?

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RE: Possible to send Midi timecode to MainStage for tempo changes? - by lolonobo - 01-29-2020, 04:09 AM

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