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Help me think through a getting my systems merged
I have lots of Mobile Sheets Pro stuff on my tablet, and have just today added two new setlists and imported about 6 tunes from dropbox. 

Before today, two months ago I backed up MSP on my tablet and restored it to my phone. I did not take the tablet away with me. During the past two months away, I have added about 1000 new tunes and maybe 10 setlists to my phone. Most but not all are in a new Collection, but I did add some tunes to an existing collection, am not sure which tunes are the new ones. I don't have any notes or annotations or attached music or anything, just tune pages and setlists, collections, keys, genres indicated. 

I am having trouble figuring out the easiest way to end up with everything on my tablet (everything that was there, everything that I added to the phone, and what I added today to the tablet). Is this clear to someone? I think I should just do something special with today's stuff, backup the phone, restore it to the tablet, and then do what about today's stuff? Or not be so lazy and redo today's work?
Wendy Cutler
I would recommend using the library sync feature to merge the libraries together on the tablet. These are the basic instructions:

1) Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and then "Sync Library->Sync to another device"
2) Set one device as the Server, the other as the client.
3) Set the sync type to "Two-way".
4) Tap Create Server on the server and on the Client side, tap the entry that shows up in the list and click "Connect"

This will sync the two devices and their libraries will be merged together. Now both devices will have the combined library. 

Thank you!! 
That's a one-time thing, right, not an on-going feature? It doesn't keep them in sync, just does it when I say so?
Wendy Cutler
That's correct - it's a manual procedure as of right now. I may add some form of automation in the future.
It's finally working. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am so excited. I have very little Bluetooth experience, but a friend had to explain that during the 120 seconds my one device is visible, I had to rush to the other device and do the connection there. I did finally get the  connection (after an hour of not understanding how it works). 

The other message I got at first, which I have seen in transferring MSP files to a friend, is: "MobileSheetPro must be the same version on each device. Ending sync." 
I have been away for two months, so no automatic updates had been done on the tablet. It took me a while to figure out how to get that to update, but I did figure it out, and then, having seen a connection made, I was able to do it again and all of a sudden, transfers started happening.

I'm scared to breathe. I hope these Bluetooth connections are pretty robust.
Wendy Cutler
Bluetooth is going to be much slower and much less reliable than WiFi. I would strongly recommend using WiFi if possible.


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