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Sync upload files fail
I'm having a similar issue..... installed MSP on my android phone and successfully restored all my files, initially.  Now, when I try to restore it isn't working.  It says file does not exist.   I've tried restoring from Google Drive, OneDrive, the SD card.   I even plugged my phone into my PC, but couldn't figure out how to restore from there.   But, the backup file SHOULD be the same, wherever it is located, right?
First, I backed up what was on my tablet, by using the MSP Companion on my PC.  Seemed to work, backup file showed it had almost 2G of data, but when I try to use that backup to restore on my phone, it says files don't exist.    When asked for my choice of restore location -- Original file location or Mobile Sheets Pro location, I didn't know which one to choose, so I tried each of them separately, to see if it made any difference and same result.  Files don't exist.

This is the exact message I'm getting, after doing a restore:

Backup completed successfully.  Some files could not be written to disk due to invalid or incompatible paths, or an error in the database.  This may be because some files were not accessible (SD card not inserted?).  Using a backup file from a different tablet may also cause this.

when i try to open a specific song or sheet, this is the message:  File/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilsheetspro/files/Song name.pdf does not exist.

I don't think I've changed any settings, but my SD card has been acting weird, like it won't let me delete files and says it's Write-only, which is a new thing.

Any ideas for me?   Thank you!

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