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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
(09-26-2020, 05:54 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: I also added a new icon to the layer popup window in the annotations editor that will keep annotation layers in sync across all pages that are currently loaded in the annotations editor. I will be making adjustments to this though, because I now realize that it really should sync layers across all pages in the same song only.

aleksiandrej - is it sufficient when you tap a layer to switch the active layer that it just selects the matching layer for each page in the song? Or would you want it to synchronize across all pages in all songs that are part of the currently loaded setlist?

I also added the next/prev page buttons to the radial menu. This should make it easier to turn pages if the icons at the bottom left are too small.

Thanks everyone for your help with testing and your patience while I worked through all the changes.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the layers update.
I just tried it out:

active Layers: The selected layer stays active (green) when switching between pages but the visibility (orange eye) always goes back to the first layer.
So when I write something in Layer2 on page1 and switch to page2 the visibility changes to Layer1 again even if I'm active in Layer2. For me that takes away the use of the synced active layer if the visibility is always being reset to the first layer.

Layers new icon: the new icon in the layers popup is not clear for me. Am I missing some functionality? Currently it's just crossed out (this symbol \ )  and nothing happens when I click on it.

Sync between setlists: for my workflow it's enough if the synced layers (and hopefully visibility) stay synced in the active song. Setlists layer synchronization is not needed.

Next page/previous page: Looks good to me. I'd still prefer if the icons could be resized to be bigger. Currently when I open the command bar and press close on it, there are 4 small icons in the left corner (undo,redo,next - previous page). If there's a possibility to resize that bar it would be better for users without a bluetooth pedal. 

Thanks again for the beta testing and allowing us to have some input.

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