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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
aleksiandrej - I am not currently synchronizing layer visibility - just the active layer which determines under which layer an annotation will be created. If you want me to synchronize visibility changes between layers as well, I can certainly do that. Just to be clear - visibility is not being reset to the first layer, it's just that turning off layer 1 on the first page did not turn off layer 1 on the second page in your example.

New layer icon - I'm not sure what you mean. The new layer icon should be just be a + icon at the far right side of the layers popup that is beside a page entry. So if you see "Page 1", at the right side of that entry you should see the + icon. Are you not seeing that? If you can take a screenshot and either post it here or send it to mike@zubersoft.com, that would probably help.

Sync between setlists - Okay, I will stick with just synchronizing layer changes within the same song.

Next page/previous page - Okay, I can make those buttons a little bigger, but making it resizable would not be easy. I'm also open to other ways of turning the page such as having partially transparent next/previous arrows at the sides of the page.

MartinH - Thanks - I'll work on reproducing that and getting it fixed.


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