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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
(09-30-2020, 06:25 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: aleksiandrej - I am not currently synchronizing layer visibility - just the active layer which determines under which layer an annotation will be created. If you want me to synchronize visibility changes between layers as well, I can certainly do that. Just to be clear - visibility is not being reset to the first layer, it's just that turning off layer 1 on the first page did not turn off layer 1 on the second page in your example.

New layer icon - I'm not sure what you mean. The new layer icon should be just be a + icon at the far right side of the layers popup that is beside a page entry. So if you see "Page 1", at the right side of that entry you should see the + icon. Are you not seeing that? If you can take a screenshot and either post it here or send it to mike@zubersoft.com, that would probably help.

Sync between setlists - Okay, I will stick with just synchronizing layer changes within the same song.

Next page/previous page - Okay, I can make those buttons a little bigger, but making it resizable would not be easy. I'm also open to other ways of turning the page such as having partially transparent next/previous arrows at the sides of the page.

MartinH - Thanks - I'll work on reproducing that and getting it fixed.


- Visibility: Thanks Mike, visibility synchronisation through all the pages would be a big deal. This way I can keep annotating for 1 student and switch between pages without delaying my workflow.

- New icon: seems like I'm talking about another icon in the layers popup. The + icon on the right side works just fine. Here's the icon I was referring to that's not clear for me: https://imgur.com/A0bH9aa

- Next previous page icon: partially transparent arrow keys on the side would also do the trick. When I'm in annotating mode while playing piano it would be safer to have some larger buttons to switch pages.

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