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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
(10-12-2020, 03:34 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Cmart - I forgot to address your request. The favorites popup when accessed through the radial menu stays up and can be moved around. So it effectively acts like a pinned toolbar. I actually think this is less obstrusive as it won't cover up the tops or sides of the sheet music like if I added a toolbar or slide out side tray. With the latest changes, you can also access the first 8 favorites through the radial menu if you tap the outer arrow. If it's not intuitive to have to bring up that popup through the radial menu, I can modify the code so that long pressing on the favorite icon in the toolbar will also show the favorites popup as a floating window that can be moved.

I'm unable to reproduce the issue with the latest build where touching the screen with a finger stops it from exiting. I must have fixed that along the way.


Oh I didn´t use the radial menu so much before. I think this is sufficient for my needs. The one with 8 first favourites is very nice indeed(however as for now choosing any stamp will crash the app). I still have the problem with the finger though. If I enter annotation mode with stylus and then do nothing and hit screen with finger the annotation menu doesn´t disappear. However if I zoom or move around the page with finger or bring up the stylus again and make an annotation it closes as normal. The bug with deleting and then undo annotations from old version seems gone.
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