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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
I pushed out a build earlier today for Windows and Android. The build includes the following fixes and enhancements:

Changed some code to try and eliminate (or lessen) the issue where the last viewed page is shown momentarily after loading another song or setlist.
Fixed issue with mouse wheel not working in annotations mode
Added support for lines with rounded ends
Fixed additional memory leaks which should fix all of the stability issues and prevent black pages
Added code that identifies rare cases when a page is not being drawn correctly and automatically forces recreation of components to render the page properly. One example of this was the file preview could show up black in the song editor under certain circumstances - this has now been fixed
Fixed crash that would occur during an automatic save when annotations are written to the underlying PDF
Fixed issue with annotations not being saved correctly in the underlying PDF when rotation is involved
Fixed crash that could occur when returning from the file browser on the sync to cloud folder screen
Fixed issue where buttons/icons in the application would show a selection box around them that was the appropriate size (when hovering with a mouse), but would only respond to clicks directly on the icon. The buttons will now trigger properly if you click anywhere inside the box. This makes them much easier to tap.
The layers, stamp and favorite windows are now hidden and then shown back in the same position when exiting and entering the annotations editor. 
Fixed issues with the previous and next page arrows that can be enabled on the sides of the screen
Added support for triggering undo with the stylus side button. Also fixed using "Select" with the side stylus button
Added settings to control what two and three finger taps do. You can switch between different tools now with either gesture, as well as trigger undo or exit the annotations mode.
Right-clicking on an annotation will now switch to select mode and select it
Fixed code that should help with drawing precision when zoomed in a large amount (would like to hear feedback if this has fixed it for the users that reported issues)
The size of circles can now be controlled by moving in any direction (instead of just horizontally)
Crescendos and decrescendos can now be flipped and drawn in reverse (to create the opposite symbol).
Added asynchronous loading of the stamps in the stamp window. It should be much faster to open the stamp dropdown or popup now in the Windows 10 version, as it will display right away instead of waiting for every stamp to load first
Fixed bug in the song editor where it could show that it was possible to turn to the next page of the file being previewed when it was not (typically with chord pro files)
Fixed rendering of annotations in the file preview in the song editor
Fixed issue in the fields tab of the song editor where the fields would expand horizontally forever and push content off the screen instead of just reaching a maximum size and requiring the text to scroll
Fixed issue with triggering the favorites popup in the radial menu where it would always display the sub menu after (the one that should only be shown if the outer arrow is tapped)
Fixed issue where the edit bar would not be shown correctly in some scenarios when selecting a region with the snipping tool

I'm hoping this build works well for people. If it's stable and the beta testers are happy with it, I think it will be ready for release once the companion app and e-ink versions are updated.


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