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Beta testers needed for new annotations functionality
After trying the latest comments, I really appreciate the fixes and improvements. Particularly:
- I like the option to use a stylus button for undo. I'll use that a lot.
- The reversible hairpins are nice. I can save space in my favourites by saving only one, but can still get either direction.

After trying the latest build, here are some issues:
- When using the Tap eraser to erase a pen or highlighter line, the line is deleted when the eraser circle is still quite far from the line. This is especially noticeable when the line is thick, as it seems proportional to line thickness. 
- If I tap with the pen or highlighter instead of dragging, I get a dot with a darker dot in the middle, which is somewhat larger than the normal line thickness. This seems like it could be a feature, but I'm not sure. Strangely, when erasing these dots with the tap eraser, the distance at which the dot is erased is correct, unlike with a line.
- When saving a pen or highlighter as a favourite, the smoothing amount is always saved as Moderate.
- When drawing with the highlighter, if the first stroke is made dashed, changing the line to solid has no effect (and vice-versa). 
- Using Select on my stylus button sometimes doesn't work. Holding the button and tapping an annotation only selects it while the stylus is pressed, and it's immediately deselected when the stylus is lifted. Strangely, this seem to happen whenever there's a hairpin anywhere on the page, but if there are no hairpins, it works as expected.

Also, I tried out the drawing precision when fully zoomed in. It's much improved. I would say it's pretty usable as it is, though it is noticeably less precise than other drawing apps I've used (Sketchable and Concepts, which is also vector-based). You can still notice that points are not drawn until you move some distance, which makes it feel less responsive. In most cases this isn't so bad, but if you draw anything where you change direction (any letters with peaks, like w, m, etc), the peaks are lost (I guess if you move forward then back without moving far enough to trigger a new keypoint, the line isn't drawn as far as the pen moved). This makes text look less defined than it should. I wouldn't call it a bug or anything, but there could be room for polish if you have time some day.

Overall a lot of great improvements!

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