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Open pdf in other reader
Hello there 

I purchased MobileSheets, tried to get into into it a few times but however never stick with it because of the sheet reader itself in MobileSheets. I miss simple things like vertical scrolling or writing notes with pen and scrolling with finger, i also don't need a metronome or audio app built in and it as i don't use it the controls are a bit confusing. 

Don't get me wrong here, i appreciate all the work which was made for the sheetreader ant i know a lot of people who use it but for me it's not working...

However i love the library part of this app and how it manages my library with around 1000 pdfs, which were labeled with much hours of work. Is there a way to open the pdfs in an pdf-reader like Drawable or Xodo?

Thanks a lot!
MobileSheets does support vertical scrolling - you just have to switch display modes. To do this, open your score, tap the center of the screen, tap the display mode icon at the bottom of the song overlay (to the left of the page scaling icon with blue arrows), and change the default display mode to "Vertical Scrolling". You can also annotate with a stylus - just tap the brush icon or use a three finger tap to enter the annotations editor. The entire annotations functionality has been improved with the upcoming version which is being beta tested and is almost ready (https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=6529). I think the reader in MobileSheets will function just fine for you, but you may need to learn about all of the capabilities to match your requirements. I might suggest checking the manual (https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/M...etsPro.pdf) to see if the app already supports some of the things you need.

I'm not going to support opening the PDFs in an external PDF viewer, because that isn't (and shouldn't) be necessary. If there is functionality you require from another PDF reader, I can add that functionality, it will just take some time. If you need a workaround, about the only thing you can do at the moment is insert a smart button on your score, link that to an external file, point to the PDF you want to open, and when it triggers that file, it will use the default PDF reader in the OS.

(10-24-2020, 05:41 PM)tubear Wrote: I miss simple things like vertical scrolling or writing notes with pen and scrolling with finger

Indeed you miss simple things, or rather you simply miss things. (SCNR :-) )

But seriously, as Mike mentioned, MSP is already doing the things you are "missing" and IMO rather better for sheets than any external PDF reader. Just have a look in the manual.
Thanks for this fast answer! Is I mentioned it was not my intention to make down the work you put in the app, but simply that i'm more comfortable with others. I think the point which is the most important for me is the "pen=annotation, finger=scroll/zoom" thing which i use the most. i really think it's an awesome app, but the only feature i use is - like in the analog world - having a sheet and taking notes with pen without having to select annotation or tripple touch etc.. 

However thanks, i will still give it a try! Smile
Everything you just described is in the upcoming beta version. If you would like to test that version, let me know and I can include you in the beta. In that version, if you have an active/smart stylus and you hover above the screen, it enters the annotation mode automatically. You can configure it to also stop annotation mode after a few seconds without input. Both in the current version and the old version you can enable "Stylus Mode" in the annotation editor, which lets you scroll and zoom with your fingers, and annotate only with the stylus.


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