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Couple of small bugs and a feature request
Hi Mike. I'm still using the Onyx Boox Max 3 tablets which are Android, plus I have the trial version of the app on a Win10 laptop, a Chromebook and an Android phone. The combo of MSP and the 4 Onyx tablets has been great for our quartet.

Thanks for the 'system file browser' advice, I hadn't thought of that. Just tried it on the Chromebook and it worked (gave me access to the 'computers' tab of Google drive which was accessing a backup from a different computer). I'll try it on the Onyx tablets tomorrow and let you know if it doesn't work but I imagine it will.

Much appreciated. Guy
Using the system file browser does work on the Max 3 but it's not straightforward. At first it showed a list of options one of which was 'drive' (with the google drive logo) so I chose that but it just showed the 'my drive' drive. When I went back to the initial list of options there were now 2 options called 'drive'. When I chose the second one it again showed the 'my drive' drive but then when I pressed the back arrow it gave me another, different list of options, one of which was 'computers'. Once I got there it was all good - the backups were accessible. So, doable with a bit of mucking around.

Oddly, when I first tried getting to the 'computers' tab through the drive app it just showed as empty. I tried restarting the app etc a few times but it still showed empty. Then I switched off optimisation for the drive app and tried again and it showed my backups. No idea whether the optimisation was changing anything or whether it just took that long for the backups to start to show up, but I don't think the drive app usually takes that kind of time to update.

Anyway, all just FYI. Cheers, Guy

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