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Pages not loading
(08-13-2021, 08:22 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I think it would be useful to test a copy of your library if you can share it with me at mike@zubersoft.com. I've been working with another user's library, and the only time I've ever encountered an issue is with files that take more than 7.5 seconds to render a page (due to horribly inefficient PDFs). My code times out after 7.5 seconds, and then attempts to render the page again. Do you have any songs in your library that can take 5 or more seconds to render a page? Is it possible some of the problems you are seeing are due to slow loading files? I've been running automated tests and loading hundreds of songs, turning pages and waiting to see if something doesn't load. As mentioned, no problems have been seen except for files that are taking an exceptionally long time to load.


Thank you again for the replies!

None of my PDFs take particularly long to load. I have some rather long books (such as 3-hour operas or whole books) and they load within a second or so. The problem, of course, is when I begin turning pages and it turns out a random page didn't load. The only way to make sure ALL the pages loaded for now is to scroll through the whole PDF before I start playing, which is of course extremely inconvenient, especially in performance settings.

I think your "duct tape" fix is very clever and sensible. The limit could even be higher, perhaps 10 seconds? The first page ALWAYS loads perfectly fine, and playing through that first page definitely takes more than 10 seconds the great majority of the time.

I'll send a copy of my library to that email. Thanks!

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