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Batch import hangs
Hi Mike

I've been trying to set up a new android tablet for someone who is not very computer literate.
To keep things simple for him, I decided that, rather than importing a backup of my database and deleting what he didn't need, I would use the companion program and batch import (saves him trying to navigate the android file system)

This was not successful in that the tablet screen said something about a file possibly being locked (can't remember exact message and don't have access to the tablet to check).

There were 3 folders of pdf songs to import, each into a separate collection. Two of the folders had about 200 songs and the other had about 13.

Only the small set transferred successfully, the other two just hung. Can't remember what we did to recover (probably killed the wifi connection) but the upshot was that MSP on the tablet had many entries for songs that didn't have a file.

On my way home from his house, I remembered that the two larger folders contained some a few .mp3 files and the batch filter had been *.*
My guess is that these mp3 files are what caused the import to fail.

If this is the case, can the companion be changed to display a warning when it detects any files that it can't handle? (.mp3s in my case but there may be other types)
This would prevent hanging the import and "corruption" of the MSP database with bad entries. It would also alert the user to the fact that not all files have been processed properly. Ideally, the dialog would allow the user to ignore any further instances of this file type as the import continued.

Now I've worked out a likely cause, I don't need a quick fix.

All the best
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Hello Geoff,

I can look into this, but the companion app should ignore any file type it can't handle. So the .mp3 files shouldn't have caused any issues. I'll run some tests on this, but I'm confident I've imported files from directories with other unsupported file types in the mix.


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