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Song number support like Android version?

referring to this topic


where you added levels to the alphabet list in collections.

That feature either does not exist in the windows version, or I completely fail to activate it.

Any chance of getting that? (Or alternatively giving me pointers why it doesn't work Smile)

Right-clicking or long pressing on a letter in the alphabet list should pop up a list of letters. Clicking on a letter will allow you to continue drilling down to find a song title that starts with all of the selected letters. You can also change Settings->Library Settings->Show Extended Letter List with Tap if you prefer using a single tap instead of a right-click or long press. If a long press is not working for you, something unusual is going on with your device. Can you long press anything else in the app? 

So, I guess I partly found out what's going wrong.

There are a few letters that DO react to long press. Notably those are only the ones _other_ collection names start with. I can basically spell those out.
Of course that doesn't do anything, as there are no list entries named like that, where it could jump to.

So, it seems like it's populating the long hold options from the wrong table?
Just checked the other top categories. It works fine in Songs, Setlists, Collections, Genres.

It just happens to not work inside a collection - which is the only place I regularly use it Wink. That's because inside the collection it still uses the set from collections to populate the long press options.

I'm using the german localization, if that makes a difference.
I have not found an option to change language, btw. Did I overlook that?
Yes, you did. First one under display settings (I also switched it from German to English).
I'm going to need more information about this. With version 3.3.1, if I go to the collections tab and tap a collection, the alphabet list correctly lists the letters for the song titles in the collection. If I right-click on them, I see the proper letters for the matching song titles. This works for me on both Windows 10 and Android. If this is not working for you with version 3.3.1, we are going to need to figure out what is diffferent about your library.


Have you changed the collection's sort order? - it needs to be A-Z.

I see that there is an ascending check box on the sort selection, this has no effect when sorting A-Z; fair enough but should it display in Z-A order? (this is not a request, I just expected it to be greyed out if it was non applicable for particular sorts)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
All mentioned features work fine for me (MSP 3.2.4, current Win10) and did so already for a very long time.
It's my preferred method to select songs, so I probably should have noticed if something is wrong. I usually use it with "Show Extended Letter List with Tap" ON, but checked also OFF and found it working.
Unchecking "Ascending" sorts Z-A, both the songs and the shown letter list.

The only thing I noticed while testing it now: The letter list that is shown under # shows a strange behaviour.
I use a number of special characters as the first letter of the title for songs that are not "real" songs but TOCs of fakebooks, copy/paste templates, explanatory texts and the like. So I move files out of the way that I want to keep in MSP but have them sorted separately also on the Songs tab.
The first click shows 0, despite nothing there starts with 0. More characters show up after several clicks.
It would be great if also special characters, including blanks, +, ~ would be shown in the list.
This special character workaround was a bit tricky anyway because some characters like blanks, - and maybe some more are omitted during sorting of songs by title. This is for good reasons and should probably be not changed to avoid confusion.

Please find attached a screenshot and a song list for explanation. I can provide an MSF file if required.

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.txt   #-songs2.txt (Size: 9.55 KB / Downloads: 0)
first language: German
Acer A1-830, Android 4.4.2 - HP x2 210 G2 Detachable, Win 10 21H1
www.moonlightcrisis.de - www.basdjo.de - www.frankenbaend.de

I found where the mysterious zeros come from: I specified sort titles 0001 ... 0040, 00bs-dr, 00tb-sax to my separator songs.
I cannot show sort titles, neither in "Song Title Formatting" nor in "Generate Song List Format". It might be a good idea to add them.
Nevertheless my feature request to add special characters to the selection list is still valid.
first language: German
Acer A1-830, Android 4.4.2 - HP x2 210 G2 Detachable, Win 10 21H1
www.moonlightcrisis.de - www.basdjo.de - www.frankenbaend.de

Sorry, should have checked in here more often.

Version is 3.3.1, songs are sorted A-Z.

For testing purposes, I just put some songs into a genre and dove into that.
Same issue here, only letters where a genre name exists respond to a prolonged touch.
I.e. the alphabet list responds as if I were in the genres list and not inside a genre sublist.
So..in my desperation I wanted to create a screenshot, so I attached the mouse for more comfort.

Turns out, the issue does NOT happen with rightclick, that works perfectly alright.
It seems the long touch does something other than right click , specifically when it comes to second level alphabet lists?

You may wish to specifically look into that behaviour.
The two should work exactly the same. I have tested long press on my Surface Pro 4 with the alphabet letter list and it works perfectly fine. I can't explain why you are getting different behavior with long presses on your device. This site seems to indicate you can control what press and hold does: https://www.isunshare.com/windows-10/dis...in-10.html

Is it set to "Right-click" for you?

It's set to right click. So is pen button.
Both work on desktop, but not in MS.

I also tend to think the bug is too weirdly specific.
I mean, it doesn't simply do nothing, it specifically opens the drop down list from the parent layer.
That has to be somewhere in the application code, doesn't it?
I'm confused - if you long press on the first layer, which displays the pop up, then you should only need to tap to select letters under that. You shouldn't need to long press multiple times - just once. So when exactly isn't it working for you?


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