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Alternate auto scroll settings if Bluetooth pedal attached
Not quite the same as above but I too would like a "start scroll without initial delay" option.

My two page songs typically wait 100+ seconds before scrolling and I often forget to initiate scrolling as the song starts. Apart from an initial "scrolling will start in 2 secs" message, there is no visual indication that scrolling is active. This means that, as the bottom of the page approaches, I don't know whether it will scroll or not. If I did forget to start scrolling, I have to wait to the end of the page and do a manual page change.
Ideally, this should be triggerable by both a touch area and a smart button.

Another possible enhancement to smart buttons would be if they had a toggle action so that their display changed depending on their state i.e. has/hasn't been tapped (but I suspect this would be difficult to fit into the current framework)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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