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New User Questions

I've recently used MoblieSheets for the first time during a concert. I'm using a Surface Pro 7. I had a few questions that I couldn't seem to figure out on my own, so I'm posting them here.

1) I found the "Show clock on score" check box. This is great. Is there a way to do this with the battery as well? I'm concerned about it running out without knowing ahead of time.

2) I imported some stamps into the User tab. Is there a way stretch/shrink/scale the stamp after importing it and/or while adding it to a score? I ended up installing Inkscape and resizing it there, but that's not really convenient.

3) Some of the parts I have don't have measure numbers, or maybe they're only on the beginning of the lines, etc. and I want to add more measure numbers....maybe to every measure. I can add using the text tool, but it's really tedious and they all end up slightly different sizes. Is there a better way to do this?

4) I'm on a new pedal (LEKATO) after my AirTurn Duo 200 fell apart (1 star!). No issues with the new one so far, but the AirTurn Duo would sometimes take a WHILE to connect. It'd be nice to have a "pedal connection status" icon. I mean, I can step on it and see if the page turns, but it's not always a good time to do that. Is there a way to flag a particular Bluetooth device and see it's connection status on the score (with the clock and battery ideally?)

5) Long repeats or Da Capa a few pages back.....is there any way to program in some sort of custom "road map"? Alternatively, I could edit PDFs to include those pages again in the right order, but then I'd want to sync some or all markings between the duplicated pages.

6) Can I change the location of the half-page-turn's split? The default has been OK so far, but I can see where it would sometimes be better for it to be slightly higher or lower.

7) I have a few markings that I use a lot that are not an included stamp. I'd really like to be able to add a marking directly to favorites as a user stamp. For example, the letter "L". I can add the text tool, but really I just want the letter "L" (with a pre-chosen font/size/color, etc.) and add it as quickly as you would add a # sign. Or a simple free-form pen drawing....draw it once into the favorites tool, then add it quickly without having to re-draw it each time. Any idea if that's possible and I'm just missing it?

8) Any ideas for adjusting the screen brightness quickly? The stage lights were turned off a few times and I ended up needing to turn off the screen to avoid basically being the only bright light on stage for a few minutes. I was thinking maybe a placeholder page that is all black (maybe with a little bit of text for context), or a white placeholder with automatic switch to Nightmode? I added an anti-glare screen protector, and it's dulled the various gestures, so I'd prefer not to make this changes outside of the app.


1) Not currently - you'll have to check the windows taskbar to see the current battery life. I do plan on adding a battery indicator once time allows

2) If you are viewing the stamp window, tap your custom stamp, and adjust the size. This will resize it. If you select an existing stamp with the selection tool, you can tap the edit icon and then adjust the size. Alternatively, select the annotation and drag from the corners to resize.

3) If you use the text tool, it's size should not be randomly changing on you. You can tap the tool text twice to see the current settings. Make sure the same size is used for all annotations. You can add your current settings to the favorite window for fast access. I will be adding a dedicated measure counting tool in the future as I seem to get a fair number of people asking for that.

4) This is outside of the information that MobileSheets has access to. The pairing happens in the OS and MobileSheets is completely unaware of it. The pedal acts like a computer keyboard. When it's connected, MobileSheets just gets key press information from the OS - it does not communicate directly at all. In the future, I will add AirTurn Direct Mode support (mode 1 on the pedal) which does give me more access to the connection status with the pedal as at that point, MobileSheets is the one communicating with the pedal and you don't have to pair it in the OS

5) Use link points or edit the song, go to the files tab, tap the page order field and repeat/reorder/duplicate/remove pages as needed. It's an incredibly powerful feature as the original file is not modified in any way, but yet you can place things on each individual instance of a page, such as annotations, link points, bookmarks, etc. 

6) Not currently - I know this is currently a highly requested feature as well and it's very high on the priority list.

7) Not currently supported. You can copy annotations and paste them quite easily, but you can't take something you've copied and add it as a favorite. That's just not how the feature is designed. Perhaps in the future I'll add support for converting an existing annotation into a custom stamp. That I could do without breaking the architecture.

Thanks so much for the detailed reply.

1) Exiting full screen, or just swiping up are reasonable workarounds
2) Got it
3) Ok. I've gotten a little better at this, but it's still pretty time consuming. The fasted way seems to be: select the saved txt tool from Favorites with the font/border/color etc. you want, then poke the screen with the pen where you want to add a measure number to get the keyboard cursor, then use the physical keyboard to type the measure number. Continue for all of the measures on the page, then switch to the select tool and fix the positioning of them as needed. Then move on to the next page.
4) This is still a non-issue since my last post using my 2nd pedal. I think the Air Turn Duo was the problem.
5) I'm glad I asked this one. This feature is great. Now I have a follow-up question: Do you have a recommendation for scanning/importing large books of music? I'm going through a lot of my paper music and using Adobe Scan to turn them in to PDFs. For pieces that are a few pages, it's no big deal. ...let's consider something extreme, like a 600-page hymnal. Would it be better to scan the entire thing into one PDF and import one file, or one PDF and create 600 songs (one for each hymn) in a collection all pointing at the same file...just different pages, or scan it as 600 individual PDFs (one for each hymn), or something else?
6) This actual came up recently with "choir + piano with descant instrument" music. Each page had only 2 lines of music, but the first page had some extra text in the footer that pushed the second line up so the descant part of the second line was above the half-way point of the page.
7) This would be helpful. I'm trying to create some in InkScape and then import them....let's just say it's hit or miss.....mostly miss.
8) This is a limitation of the Surface. I did end up adding a black png from MS Paint and inserting it in setlists that need this. It's certainly not as bright as a normal page of music, but there is still some light coming from the screen. Still...I can get to the black page easily by advancing to the next page in the setlist, then turn off the screen manually when able. I'm hoping the cost of those large e-ink tablets comes down enough that they can take over for reading music off of. ...which brings up my second follow-up question: Right now I'm only using MoblieSheets only on one device. If I start using additional devices and configure syncing, will it sync "everything" (including markings, and files, and set lists, and....) in both (or "every" for more than 2) directions...even on different platforms?
5. I would recommend separate PDFs if possible. If it's not possible, you can import one 600 page PDF, but then you will have to split up the PDF in MobileSheets into individual songs. One way of doing this is by using a csv file (Import->CSV or PDF Bookmarks). There are CSV files available on the forum for many commonly used PDFs.

8. Yes, if you use the library sync feature, it will sync absolutely everything. I would strongly recommend using a one-way sync if you utilize this feature though, and only making changes on one device at a time before synchronizing. This will ensure you get the results you expect, whereas things can get complicated with two-way syncs.


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