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Music has rotated lost half and not aligned with annotations
I went to a file that I have made lots of annotations on and it only shows the bottom half of each corner. All the annotations are in portrait but the music is in landscape, even with tablet in portrait. I have a backup of the music but have lost all the annotations, which is a pain. I could do a restore but not sure when this occured so do not want to lose new information. I tried putting it back in landscape which made the annotations make sense but still only have 1/4 of the page. Any ideas?


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Please go to Settings->Import Settings and uncheck "Process EXIF Data". Then your images will show up with the rotation you are expecting. Note that if you've imported any files since that setting was introduced, you may end up with different songs with different orientation issues. This setting was introduced because the Android version has been incorrectly handling image file rotation, and it created an incompatibility with the Windows version that handles it properly. So for new users, that setting is on by default, but it's supposed to be turned off for existing users, however one of the updates did not address that correctly, so it was enabled for all users. If you want to have correct rotation between Android and Windows, then you'll have to manually rotate all of your song files. For example, you can load your song file, tap the second icon at the bottom left, then Rotation, then just rotate the page 90 degrees and it should show up just fine.

Thanks. I have done that and is now the correct way round however I am still missing half of the page. I think it must have saved it in landscape when  was using half page scrolling?I don't use Windows.
I'll need to see your current settings to explain what may be happening there. There are multiple factors:

1) If you are using the single page display mode in landscape orientation, there is a half page display option there that you would have to disable.
2) If you have the page scaling mode set to something other than "Fit Screen", this can cause the page to be rendered larger than the screen
3) If the picture is cropped, that could eliminate parts of the page

Thank you!! It had done something weird to the crop but it's all still there after readjusting. Will do a backup now!

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