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Open a pdf from setlist on a dedicated page
Hi - 
i am in a band where I have pdfs including all 
members of the sections.
How can I have then a setlist where I can opening a title
directly jump to my "page"?

Thanks for your support!

You'd either have to modify the page order for the song to start at a specific page, or use the feature in MobileSheets to load the last viewed page and ensure you always go back to that first page when leaving the song. Or you could add bookmarks to jump quickly to specific pages in the song, or use smart buttons to on the first page to accomplish the same goal. In the future I'm going to add support for song versioning which will support multiple versions of a song with the ability to specify which version of a song should be loaded for each setlist as well as support for user roles so that a given version of a song will always be loaded for a particular role (meaning one central library can be shared among multiple users but users can change which version of every song is loaded by just changing their role). The song versioning feature is slated for later this year, although it's going to take a considerable amount of work to implement as it impacts basically every feature in the application.

(07-12-2022, 03:27 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Thank you @Mike, indeed, page order helps me here...!

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