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MobileSheets v3.1 and MobileSheets Companion v1.2.9 Released
Another update, and another round of bug fixes and small enhancements. Major progress has been made on annotations, and the end is in sight, but I thought these bugs needed to be addressed first. The following changes were made:

MobileSheets v3.0
- Fixed bugs with media player causing some tablets to appear to lock up. For these tablets, set media player position to center, as it may be mostly hidden at the top or bottom. Some tablet's versions of the media player (like on the Kindle Fire) require you to tap on the player to hide it.
- Fixed back button not working when media player visible.
- Added options to always keep media player visible, and set media player position from overlay
- Fixed collection editor crash in free version.
- Deleting songs with subdirectories should now clean up the subdirectories too
- Filtering on collections works again.
- Fixed list selection bugs in song editor, and bugs related to the preview window displaying incorrectly after removing files
- A new one time message is displayed to set the removable storage path at startup.
- Added new status log to the sync screen. A large amount of information is now displayed while connected to the companion app.
- If one file from a song fails to transfer from the companion app, the rest of the files should now transfer correctly.
- Extra space is now automatically trimmed from the start and end of titles, albums, artists, and custom entries.
- Added option to clear all data under internal and SD card storage before initiating a library restore. Removable storage is not affected.

MobileSheets Companion v1.2.9
- Library count is now properly reflected after batch import.
- Fixed bug that sometimes prevented files from previewing correctly.
- Fixed bug where changing a song's genre to an different existing genre didn't work.
- Added additional error reporting when a song's files fail to transfer correctly.

I'm way behind on updating the documentation, keeping the forum up-to-date, performing updates on the website, etc. I will do my best to get these done soon, but I'm still trying to prioritize annotations as much as possible.
Great work Mike, and also great news on the annotations! I am seriously looking forward to trying them out!

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