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Sync Failure with OneDrive
I am trying to sync MobileSheets on my ChromeBook (113.0.5672.114) to OneDrive.  This has been working, but today it halts with:
Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'java.lang.String c8.c.getAbsolutePath()' on a null object reference

I've used the built-in tools to look for missing files or broken links, but not found any problems.  One item of note is that the error occurs immediately after touching the last file uploaded to MobileSheets.

Thanks for any assistance.
That usually points to MobileSheets being unable to access a file in the cloud folder due to an interrupted connection. If you go to Settings->About, can you confirm you are running version 3.7.8? Does the same problem happen with the same file every time or does it seem to be random?

Thank you for getting back to me Mike.

I am running 3.7.8, and the sync does always stop at the same place - apparently on a score (from IMSLP) that I uploaded about a day ago.  I am able to access the files in OneDrive from this tablet, and I see no indication of errors from OneDrive.

Without access to your library, I won't be able to say what is causing the issue. If you want to share a library backup with mike@zubersoft.com, I can try to reproduce the issue, but otherwise, try deleting that song and sync again. See if it completes successfully or encounters a different error. I do plan on adding a lot more logging with the sync feature to investigate these issues but I haven't had time to focus on this yet.


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