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Losing PDFs
I've been having some issues, maybe the last 2 months or so. Every once in a while, and seemingly completely random I'll loose PDFs. Could be part of a page, could be a page, multiple pages. Sometimes annotations like highlight or page turn colored circles are still there. The pages don't go missing, but become blank. Anyone else? This is potentially a complete disaster at a show as you could imagine.
Is this on Android, Windows or iPadOS? Are any of the files stored on a removable SD card? When you say you've lost part of a page, what exactly does that look like? Is the full page just not rendering? If you restart the app, does it fix it?

Hi Mike-sorry, I realized I posted this in the wrong place.
It's a Galaxy Tab S7 FE (Android). I do have all my files on an SD card-maybe corrupt? I had the logic that if something went on the tab I could pull the card to use in the BU unit.
Sometimes the page is just a white screen (ex-I have a 70 page songbook, from page 30 on are blank white pages), sometimes it's cut off and part of it is black, sometimes it's a distorted image as if you accordianed the page and scanned it, sometimes I'll see the annotations/highlights on white background.
On rare occasions a reboot of the program and/or tablet will correct, but some have been permanent.

UPDATE-I'm starting to think that the card is wonky. I transferred everything to internal memory. I pulled the card and other hardware is having a hard time reading it.
I was going to respond and suggest that you move everything to internal storage, because that definitely sounds like an SD card that is failing. I'm glad you moved forward with doing that before more failures occurred.


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