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resizing and enlarging part of a page permanenently
I have numerous pages from old fake books, where occasionally 2 different songs are on one page.   But each individual song -- on the original page - is somewhat small.

So I am wondering what might be the simplest way to delete the part of the page I do not need, and then permanently resize or enlarge the remaining part of the page.

I know that I can crop the page so as to eliminate the part that I do not want to see.  I understand that such a change is permanent.  And then, when I view the modified page, I can increase the size by hand on the tablet.  But increasing the size that way is not permanent (I believe)

I also understand that I can use the snippet tool to copy part of a page, and then create a new page.  But I think the result is the same: i.e., a new, smaller page, which must be enlarged each time it is opened.

So is there a simple way of resizing a page (after cropping) and making the change permanent?
If you use the cropping function of MobileSheets nothing is changed in the PDF. Just the cropping frame is stored in the library of MobileSheets. You can change or remove the cropping at any time. Then choose a "page scaling mode" to enlarge the page, "fit screen" or "fit width" are probably a good choice. Note that there is a default setting and an individual setting per song and be aware that there are independent setting for the tablet in portrait and in landscape orientation.
I use "page scaling mode" = "fit screen" and "display mode" = "single page" as default for portrait orientation.
In printed fakebooks it happens every now and then that a song has a small part on the left page and another part on the right. In this case I switch (for these songs only) to "page scaling mode" = "fit width" and "display mode" = "vertical scrolling"
Play around and understand these settings and find the way that fits your needs best.
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