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Annotation workflow using layers

As musicians, we sometimes need to explore different fingerings, dynamics, etc. until we get what we’re looking for. Here’s a possible workflow for meticulous notetakers like myself: using layers as independent pieces of a giant puzzle, capturing many possible solutions and the way they overlap all at once. Please find attached an example of four different fingering combinations: A1 & B1, A1 & B2, A2 & B1 and A2 & B2. The same letter is used to indicated mutually exclusive puzzle pieces. 

For that workflow to be practical, a few additional features are required. There were already discussed on this forum so please forgive the redundancy but I’m thinking it makes more sense in the context of a practical workflow suggestion. I’m listing them in order of priority. The first is crucial to the proposed workflow but the others can wait (not essential but helpful).

1. The possibility of reordering layers using the arrows that we already use for individual annotations or at the very least the automatic alphabetical reordering of layers — This is so we can keep adding different alternatives as they come up and keep the list organized and chronological in terms of location in the score.
2. Mutually exclusive layers — showing one layer automatically disables the others. Less crucial but would save a lot of time and unnecessary steps as the mutually exclusive layers (same letter in my example, e.g., A1 / A2) would show conflicting annotations if shown simultaneously.
3. Could also consider allowing for localized layers on areas of the page that are of interest, determined by the user making a precise selection instead of one layer covering the whole page. IMO, digital score reading should help rid us from the concept of pages, which Mobile Sheets does an amazing job off using vertical scrolling, page cropping so that separation between pages is barely noticeable, etc.

Please bare in my mind that I don’t know how realistic it is to implement any, if not all of these suggestions but in my opinion, it would be in service of a big paradigm shift in the way we annotate scores. For my fellow geeks out there, the score would be in permanent quantum state with all possibilities waiting to be switched on or off. I feel like it would be the logical extension of the idea of layers and would love to see this implemented in Mobile Sheets and marketed accordingly.

Thank you for taking my bundled request into consideration!

PHOTOS -> https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0Y5oqs3qG5L5zc

P.S. for Mike, feel free to DM to me if you want to discuss this further. I’d love to help out however I can.


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