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Measure counting and numbering
I am a percussionist and drummer and half of my work is just counting repeats. Many engravers don't number long strings of repeats in a way that helps me so i spend a lot of time in Mobile Sheets just clicking each measure and typing a number in, then going to the next measure and doing the same thing. On my tablet this is pretty time consuming. I would love a new tool or option on the text tool to do some kind of auto-incrementing number. It's also important to be able to easily reset the sequence to 1 since most of the time the common operation is incrementally numbering a 3 to 8 sequence of measures of repeats.

You could imagine two phases of this feature:

phase 1) click somewhere and it puts a number using the formatting of the current text tool and increments the measure number so that when I click next it puts the next number. So that way you can just click click click to get measure counters 1, 2, 3. You can reset the sequence manually by holding down the click for 1 second (which resets and inserts the 1 of the reset sequence). That way to number two different repeating passages of 4 measures it's: long press to insert "1", press 2, press 3, press 4, then another long press for 1, press for 2, press 3, press 4. That would speed up measure numbering significantly!

phase 2) alternate/complimentary but more complex let me click the start measure and end measure and it automatically finds the measure boundaries and annotates measure numbers 1-n for that span of measures. The OCR to find measure boundaries sounds like a fun problem to solve! 
Adding a tool for counting measures is on my list for sure - you are not the only user to ask for that. I'm hoping to get to it when I work on adding more annotations functionality.


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