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Transferring files between categories
Following responses to an earlier thread about the use of the 'Setlists' tab, it's clear that, as a folkie, I use the term 'sets' in an atypical way (i.e., as tunes linked in twos or threes - not as a programme for a performance).  I'd like to recategorize my collection of such 'mini-sets' under a different heading, using one of the 'Custom' options - calling them, say, 'Medleys'.

Part 1: Can I move all of them collectively (about 750 mini-sets) in one go from the current 'Setlists' tab to a new 'Medleys' tab?  It would be tedious to have to do so one by one.

Part 2: If I can do so, will the renamed 'Custom' category give me the full range of sorting options, inc. 'Date created' and 'Shuffle'?

Advice welcome.
No, you can't easily do that I'm afraid. It can be done with database queries, but you'd need a script that would iterate through every setlist, create a new custom group entry with the same name, iterate over every song in that setlist and assign them to the custom group entry. It would not be terribly straightforward to do, and would require some familiarity with writing code along with SQLite queries. You can easily batch edit all of the songs in a single setlist and assign them to a custom group though.

As far as your second question, if you use the custom group field (you have to utilize one of the group fields), then yes, you would be able to use those sorting options. If you just utilize Custom or Custom2, then no, you would not have those sorting options.


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