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Library organization

I am slowly getting back into using this software again while restarting my freelance career. I used to have a master tablet where I managed the folders myself, then I had a live folder sync setup (third party) between those local folders and my main library already excisting in Google Drive, which I often used as the sync/import folder on other devices if the master was not available. This way I had my own live two-way folder hierarchy sync. MS adopted metadata from the local files based on a number of folder hierarchy criteria depending on type of content, and if I added a new piece in either local or Google Drive version, the file was immediately duplicated in the other, while still having local offline libraries for the performances on each device (those used the MS library sync or import from Google Drive as long as settings was same as on master). While I had this working a few years ago, the master tablet drowned and I lost app settings and the advanced syntaxes because I was not aware they were app bound locally. 

So, before I do any more work in the direction of restoring this workflow, I'd like to ask whether there is an easier way to achieve the same result (with the same criteria, i.e. live sync of the actual folder hierarchy that I want to keep in place in Google Drive (or elsewhere depending on the future validation issues you have upcoming with Google). I believe maintaining a folder hierarchy in a cloud service is mandatory for me so that the library is future proof without depending on metadata, and being able to control the MS library live by manipulating the cloud folders, and furthermore with as few actions as possible required to do any syncing in MS. This is partly because of the way I receive files from some of my employers, making file management on the fly in Google Drive very convenient.
At the moment, no, I would not say there is an easier way, as the library sync functionality requires that MobileSheets set up all the files and folders itself in the structure it wants.

This is news to me. I didn't use the library sanc so far for other reasons. But did I understand correctly that you have to let MS manage your files (as opposed to managing my own file structure) to use the sync?
Well, I'm referring to how the sync works when you sync to Google Drive (or another cloud source). The files and folders that are placed in the cloud sync folder will not match the files/folders on the tablet in terms of the folder structure. Users should not mess with the files/folders MobileSheets places in the cloud sync folder.


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