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Cannot Sync my ChromeOS Tablet to OneDrive
This one has me really frustrated, so I hope someone can help.

First, a little background:

I use Sync Library with several devices, using cloud storage (the one I use is OneDrive) to store the latest updates and then download from the cloud to each device. My primary devices are my Windows laptop and a Google Pixel Slate.

I own two Slate tablets, a less powerful one (Slate 1) that I started with and a more powerful one (Slate 2) that I upgraded to later. I have been using Slate 2 exclusively for several months. I wanted to do some comparison testing, though, so I charged up Slate 1 and started up MobileSheets, then tried to download the latest data from OneDrive. I have been using OneDrive since the beginning on Slate 2 with no problems, but on Slate 1 (the same device, just with a less powerful processor) it won't work. (I wish I could remember if I had OneDrive syncing successfully on this tablet previously, but I may have just been syncing between devices at the time.)

Here's the procedure I'm following:

1. I set up Sync Library to sync to a cloud folder, update device, and always use data from folder.
2. I click on the folder next to "Select a folder to merge to" and select OneDrive from the list.
3. At the Microsoft sign-in prompt, I enter my Microsoft email address and tap Next.
4. Now I get something I haven't seen before. I get a prompt that says "Are you trying to sign in to MobileSheets for Android? Only continue if you downloaded the app from a store or website that you trust. I tap Continue.

Now one of two or three things happens:

1. I get a message saying "Connection Failed. com.microsoft.identity.client.exception.MsalClientException: Failed to generate key pair".
2. It just takes me back to the sync setup screen with the title Folder Sync Activity and prompting me again to select a folder to merge to.
3. I'm pretty sure that I was getting a different error yesterday, but unfortunately, I didn't write it down and have forgotten what the error message.

Microsoft gave me the option of logging in using my associated GitHub account, but I've searched and searched, trying to figure out how to associate the email address, with no success.

Has this happened with anyone else? How did you solve it?
Make sure you have the latest version of MobileSheets and OneDrive installed on both of your tablets. Sometimes, updates can fix compatibility issues or bugs that cause sync errors12.
Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable and fast enough to handle the sync process. If possible, use a Wi-Fi network instead of mobile data.
Try clearing the cache and data of both MobileSheets and OneDrive on your Slate 1 tablet. This will remove any corrupted or outdated files that may interfere with the sync. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > MobileSheets/OneDrive > Storage > Clear cache/Clear data. Note that this will also delete any local files on your tablet, so make sure you have a backup of your data on another device or cloud service.
If none of the above steps work, you may have to unlink and relink your OneDrive account on your Slate 1 tablet. To do this, go to Settings > Accounts > OneDrive and tap on Remove account. Then, go back to MobileSheets and set up the sync again with your OneDrive account
What Android OS versions are those tablets running? That error basically means that the OneDrive library was unable to use the Android keystore to generate a key pair, which has to do with encyrption. Your device seems to be missing some functionality in the OS, which often occurs with much older Android versions. Can you try using Google Drive or Dropbox instead?


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