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New user migrating from forscore
New user here, about 6 hours ago:
  1. Is there any easy way to bring all my songs from forscore to mobilesheets?  There is only 986 of them.  With previous annotations would be nice, but if not oh well.
  2. I've managed to connect my two ipads in Mobilesheets using bluetooth. I use them in portrait orientation with each having a full page of music.  I managed to engage book mode so that I see pages:  1,2 (turn) 3,4 (turn) (turn) then 5,6 etc...  So in a performance, I have two ipads vertically on the piano.  So far so good with that and turning the pages-even the facial gestures to turn pages works fine.
  3. In Mobilesheets I had to put the same songs in my sample set on both devices to get this to work.  So, how do people keep the exact same copies on both devices?  I found sync device and got it to work, but seems like a lot of steps.  Coming from forscore, I kept the library on one device only and used their CUE app to do the dual-page mode display; but after a recent apple update ForScore and CUE won't play well together consistently, which is the reason we have parted ways.
  4. I typically have several annotations from the director during rehearsal.  This is going to be the major problem for me.  So far all I can think of is:  change to single-page turn mode, make each of the annotations on the left ipad (the leader) then open "sync library, device" on both ipads, direct connect, wait for the sync, go back to the song and change back to 2-page turn mode......for each annotation.  There has to be an easier way.  I can learn a new routing, but this just seems a bit much.  I  really need the size of both ipads for my aging vision.  Can anyone help?
1) Unfortunately, I haven't had time yet to work on reverse engineering some of the forScore file formats, so I haven't made on progress on simplifying the transition between forScore and MobileSheets. You can export all of your files from forScore with annotations intact, and then batch import them into MobileSheets, but you will lose all of the metadata associated with them.

3) I'm planning on adding an automatic cloud sync option later this year or early next year (if all goes as planned). This will eliminate the need to manually synchronize changes between devices. In the meantime, manually synchronizing changes is the only fast option.

4) This is something that I'm going to be addressing with one of the next major updates. I plan to support an option with book mode where annotations will automatically be synchronized between both devices so that users won't have that issue while using book mode. I don't have a better solution in the short term though.


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