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Importing via Dropbox now gives "Unable to load /filecache.." Error
I've loaded over 400 songs into Mobilesheets and I love it!
Most of them are PDFs or JPGs that I imported via Dropbox from my Mac.

Since there is no Mobilesheets companion app for Mac, I have just used Dropbox in the past.
I put a file on Dropbox, then in Mobilesheets add a new song and use the gallery button - which provides options via "Select Picture" that include Dropbox. I select the file within the Dropbox list of files (for PDFs you have to check "Show All" first) and voila! I imported many songs this way.

But now for some reason (I've been away from it for a month or more) it doesn't work. When i choose the file in Dropbox, I get the error e.g. "Unable to load /filecache/37908435/music/filename.pdf" where music/filename.pdf is the path and file name in Dropbox.

Help! Anyone know why this stopped working?
I have MobileSheets 4.1.6
On a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition with Android 4.4.2

I failed to note that the full error message is
"Unable to load /filecache/37908435/music/filename.pdf. Verify that the file exists."

The file does exist, I can see it on the tablet via the Dropbox app.
Well I have a workaround.
Once the file is in Dropbox, using the Dropbox app I mark it as a "Favorite" which forces the download to the tablet. Then I can import it into Mobilesheets by referencing the explicit file location/name.

So I import via the Folder button (not the Gallery button), then on my tablet the files are found in
/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.dropbox.android/files/scratch/music (where 'music' is my subfolder with Dropbox).
Requires an extra step, and the UI for Folder has the OK button at the bottom which was confusing at first, but it works for now.
Still curious why the quick-and-dirty (less taps on the tablet) method before, using Dropbox directly didn't work.
There must be something failing in the way MobileSheets is trying to make a copy of the imported file from Dropbox. I will make sure that this problem is addressed in the next update. Your workaround is what I would have suggested for the time being.

.. And now it's starting working again.
Nothing I changed overtly that I know of.
Android is still at 4.4.2 and Mobilesheets is 4.1.6 - My Dropbox is at but I failed to note what it was before, not sure if it has updated.

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