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McAfee blocks MobileSheets install on Samsung Tab 3
Hello everyone -

I think the title of this post describes it all really!

My music partner recently bought a Samsung Tab 3 with McAfee anti-virus on it. She then tried to install MobileSheets but she says McAfee blocked it (!). She herself would admit she's no great expert on computers. Smile

Does anyone know why this is happening? I can't imagine MobileSheets SHOULD be detected as malware of any sort, so wondered if anyone else had the same problem, or knows how to get around this?

I'll be seeing my pianist friend on Wednesday and will see her Tab 3 for the first time, so it may be something obvious - if so I'll post a reply to let you know what I found.

Many thanks in advance, and greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland!

(PS: I am a computer professional on Windows PCs - have been for over 30 years! - but cheerfully admit to knowing VERY little about Android)
Haven't used McAfee on Android but I assume the option to put specific apps on a trusted list is there somewhere. Alternatively there may be an option to temporarily disable it. As to why it's doing it, that'll be poor heuristics in McAfee I'm sure...
Thanks for that, Marshland: and I agree. When I finally see the Tab 3 tomorrow night, I'm sure there will be an obvious "install anyway" button or some such; as I said, I'll report my findings here after that.

Spoke to an Android guru at work today who said McAfee is c--p and best answer is to uninstall it and install ANY other AV. Now, how do I break that news to my friend who just bought McAfee along with her shiny new Tab 3?!! Undecided

Must admit I wish she'd told me she was going to buy McAfee before she did, and I'd have told her NO!!! - I'll put avast! on it for you. >sigh<

Many thanks again: more news tomorrow!

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