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Support for Galaxy Note 2 possible?

I know Mobile Sheets is meant for Tablets with 7 inch or larger screens and the Note 2 only has 5,5 inch, but the Pen does wonders for annotations... plus i'd have my music library in my pocket all the time ;-). It would be great if support for this device was added.
The screen res. is 1280x720, don't know wether that's a limitation?

Best regards, CaptainCarrot

Edit: Just saw the Galaxy S3 thread, installed the free app from MobileMe and tested it. Viewing is ok, but the interface is far to big and cluttered all over the place. It is for example not possible to pick any tools in viewing mode because the slider bar takes up all the place.
i'd like to also request availability for the note2.
the 5.5 screensize along with the 1280x720 resolution makes it usable for 1 page sheetmusic viewing. and the spen would be great for annotating stuff...

i tried the free version from amazon...but there's currently a resolution display problem...with the ui elements overlapping each other.

currently i'm left using android pdf readers to get through gigs...and while they work fine...each is lacking a specific feature here or there to make em a great sheetmusic reader. i'd like to use mobilesheets.

like captaincarrot mentioned, it's awesome having your sheetmusic wherever you go...and the display of the note2 blows my 7"tablet out of the water... i understand the concern over screen size...i wasnt able to use my old android phone as a sheetmusic viewer because of its smaller size...but the note2's screen is big enough (to me) for daily gig use.

make mobilesheets available/compatible for the note2 and you'll have my $$. i'd also be willing to beta test it if need be.

I'll have to carefully consider whether it makes more sense to try to add support for smaller devices in the current version of Mobilesheets, or to release a completely separate version of it that is optimized for smaller devices. I think the latter would provide a much better user experience, but is a significant amount of work. I need to fix some outstanding bugs, and implement some promised new features, but after that, I can begin work on this.
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+1 for NOTE 2 support...

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