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Asus Tablet Output Defaults to Landscape
I'm trying to set up a system using Mobilesheets on an Asus 700 tablet with the lead in control of the tablet and outputting the song sheets via the tablet hdmi to monitors for the other group members. The problem I'm running into is that when the tablet senses an external device, it automatically switches to landscape mode which makes the full sheets too small to read on the tablet. I've tried turning off the "auto rotate" on the tablet but as soon as it senses the external monitor, it goes to landscape anyway. Anyone else had this kind of problem? Solutions? Other ideas?

I haven't tested my tablet while hooking up to an external monitor yet, so I wasn't aware of this behavior. After doing a little research, it looks like Google just added support for secondary displays in Android 4.2. This should allow me to maintain the display on the tablet, but output a copy of the score on the external monitors. I'm not sure when the Asus 700 will have access to 4.2 though... If anyone else has ideas, please let me know.
Thanks for the reply. Your thoughts on the AOS actually led me to a solution. I picked up at Samsung Nexus 10 which is currently using the 4.2 AOS. Unfortunately, 4.2 (at least on the Nexus 10) did not appaer to provide any additional options for external monitors and it still forced a landscape mode when connected to one. However, it did solve another problem I was having with the Asus 700 which was related to the fact that the Asus hdmi output is not active until it senses an external monitor/tv. When attempting to connect multimple monitors via an active hdmi splitter, it would not sense an external monitor so no signal was sent out. The Samsung hdmi seems to always be active and I had no problem running the hdmi to multiple monitors via the active hdmi splitter. Now back to the original issue...I was able to locate a life-saving app called "Ultimate Rotation Control" which enables you to bypass system and app defaults for screen rotation. With that app I am able to lock the tablet in portrait mode when using MobileSheets. It still sends a landscape image out through the hdmi (understable since I can't remember the last time I saw someone hang their hd tv in portrait position) and that's okay since I'm using regular monitors for the other team members and the landscape image of the sheet music is large enough on those. Hope this helps someone else out their trying to do crazy things with MobileSheets.
Thanks for the information. Great work on finding a solution.
Hi! I ´ve been trying your solution but it ´ s not working on mine.. Have you done something else that you didn't wrote ?

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